Educating Schools on Disability

At Hillside we have a program where we go around to different schools and educate the children on disabilities. The purpose of this is because not many people in Belize recognize what a physical therapist is and what we do. Out in the villages anyone with a disability is considered “damaged” and they don’t go to school or get a job. Instead they stay home which can cause them to regress very quickly. The goal of the school visits is to educate children on what a disability is and that of they see someone with a disability they should help them rather than look at them differently.

Today we went to two different schools to educate the students. The ride to the first school was an hour away down this extremely bumpy dirt road. I have heard people talk about a village and what is involved with it but I have never personally seen one. This trip opened my eyes to the culture completely. The first school had no electricity and was only 3 classrooms. The students all worn uniforms. While we were here I wanted to check out the bathroom because it was an outhouse behind the school. When I opened the door I was greeted with a hole in the ground covered by a rusty toilet seat. Need less to say that was definitely a surprise.


The first school.

The second school was government run apparently. This school had electricity but it had the same bathroom situation. Right when we got there all the students were leaving. In villages, the students all go home for lunch because they all walk to school.

File Apr 28, 9 14 04 PM

The second school

Since we had time to waste, we drove around and explored the village. It was amazing how the houses were built. Here are a few different pictures I took of the village.








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