Swimming at a Local Couples Pool

This week we had some time to be adventurous when we were done clinic. There is a local couple who lives here and they have an AMAZING infinity pool that overlooks the jungle. The couple loves Hillside students and they let us come over and swim in their pool if we ever call and ask to stop by. Me and two other guys on the trip decided to get on our bikes and bike down to their house about a mile away from our clinic. When we found their driveway we had to stop and admire their land. They have this long strip of a driveway that is lined with palm trees all the way down to their house. As we rode our bikes down the driveway there was field of cattle on the one side of us. They started to trot next to us as we biked up to the house. Once we got to their house the couple was standing outside cleaning off their dogs. After talking to them for a few minutes they took us around back to show us the pool. The view is amazing. It is almost as if we were staying at a fancy resort somewhere. The infinity pool overlooks the jungle and they maintain the land so well. We got in the water and swam around for a bit. It was so relaxing and refreshing after a long hot day at work. It is so nice that these men let us come and use their pool whenever we need to cool off.


The Driveway Entrance


The view from the front of the pool


The view from the side of the pool


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