Weekend #3: Lyme Caye

This weekend we went to our own private island called Lyme Caye. We left Saturday morning around 7 am on a boat with our tour guides Kenny and Ray. They took us out on a boat for a 1.5 hour boat ride to the island. Once on the island we went off to put our stuff down in our dorm style rooms. The woman who lives on the island had breakfast ready for us. She made us eggs and bacon and fry jacks with a special jam that was to die for. After breakfast we went out on our first snorkeling trip. This was AMAZING. Ray got in the water with us and was pointing out all the fish that we didn’t know (which was pretty much all of them except when I saw a Dory fish.. I knew that one). We got to see barracuda, lionfish, eagle rays, and I even saw a nurse shark! It was incredible. After our morning snorkel we went back to the island where lunch was waiting for us. After lunch we got some time to lay around the beach and relax. It was so beautiful I can’t even put it into words. At around 2:30 we went back out for our second snorkeling trip. This time I was getting better at recognizing the different fish that I was seeing. We even saw dolphins and got to snorkel in the water near them!  After an hour of snorkeling we came back and quickly went back out to go fishing for our dinner. We did a type of fishing called trolling which is where you just leave the line in the water and drive the boat around. Apparently the bigger fish think the bait is desperately swimming away from them. At this point the water was getting really choppy and we were on a small boat in the middle of an ocean. We fished for a little while and only caught one fish. It was a pretty big grouper though which was cool. Finally our boat driver Kenny decided it was getting too rough and we would have to go back in. I was sad I didn’t get to catch us our dinner but it was still awesome to get to try. Back on the island the one grouper we caught was cooked up and we started to pour some drinks. We all just hung out and relaxed on the island all night. When it got dark the whole island became covered with hermit crabs. Literally they were everywhere. We decided to have a hermit crab race which was hilarious. At the end of the night I couldn’t get myself to go to sleep in a dorm room when I had the beautiful ocean breeze and open sky above me so I slept outside on a beach chair on the porch of our dorm hut.  Best decision ever because I got to look out at the stars while falling asleep and I got to watch the sunrise from my bed in the morning. Once everyone woke up we went down and met Ray on the beach. We went out on the boat to try to fish again in the morning. I must be bad luck because once again we didn’t catch anything. Ray explained that sometimes they come back with a boat full of fish and sometimes nothing so we just had bad luck I guess. Back at the island we ate breakfast and then learned how to spear fish. We were on a mission to spear some lion fish. We took off on our last snorkeling trip around 10 am. This time we snorkeled over a shipwreck. This was SO COOL. It is crazy how the reef just grows on the wreck since it has been there for so long. It definitely makes you wonder the story behind that particular wreck. After our last snorkel we went back to the island and hung out for a few hours in the sun. At around 3 we got all of our stuff and went back on the boat to leave the island. It was an amazing trip. I would go back in a second if I could.


Our boat for the weekend with our driver Kenny and our snorkeling guide Ray


This is the building that we were sleeping in on the island


The beds/ dorm on the island


view from my hut


The view of our beach






Just hanging out on an island in the middle of the Caribbean


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