Warsawa Drum School

Tonight we had another cultural night that was planned for us by the Hillside staff. We went to a drumming school in PG. This was a Garifuna family who owned and ran this school. They teach people how to drum to different Garifuna music. We got there and listened to the family play their songs for about a half hour. Then we all got up and learned how to do the dance called the Punta. This is basically a dance where you wiggle your hips as fast as you can. It was so much fun. We were all dancing and laughing while this family played this amazing music on the drums. After we got to play around with the drums and dance to the music they made us original Garifuna dinner. It was Hudut which is basically a piece of fish in this delicious saucy soup and mashed plantain on the side. It was amazing honestly. The night ended up being so much fun and we all loved listening to the music. It was definitely a cultural experience that involved the natural lifestyle of the Garifuna people.


Ray letting each of us try the drum


The family playing for us


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