Disability Awareness at Punta Negra

Today we went out to a school to do a disability awareness program again. This school was special though. It was on a beach called Punta Negra. We had to take a boat out there in order to teach our lesson. I was perfectly happy with this work day. We went down to the dock early and got picked up by a  Belize man named Asha. He is the cook at an amazing restaurant in town and he is so friendly. He took us out to the island on his boat. He volunteered to do it because this was the island he grew up on and we were going to the school that he once attended. The boat ride out was beautiful. We “think” we saw a manatee but to be honest I have no idea what I was looking at I just pretended to have seen it. When we got to the land I was amazed. It was beautiful! I can’t even imagine living on a place like this. We went into the school and they had put together a little performance for us. I don’t think they get many visitors so they were extremely excited! After the performance we gave our presentation. When we were done we went outside and played with the kids for a little while. We played catch with one hand as if they had a broken arm. Then we played football (soccer) with one foot as if they had a broken foot. After we played for about an hour we said goodbye and wandered over to Asha’s aunt restaurant for lunch. She made us an amazing meal. I got to spend some time talking to Asha about his life in Belize and I was in hysterics. He is a hilarious man and so much fun to talk to. He was cracking so many jokes. Then he walked over and cut me down a coconut so I could try the coconut water. It was delicious. Never had a coconut before but there is way too much liquid in those things for one person to drink in one sitting. When we were done in Punta Negra, we got back on the boat and went around the ocean some more. Asha took us down a part of the ocean sort of like a river that was supposed to have a bunch of alligators but we didn’t end up seeing any. This was probably the best “work day” I have had in forever.


The boat ride to Punta Negra


The view from where we ate lunch


The PT crew and the children from the school


Me and my new best friend Asha


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