Weekend #4: Chocolate Festival in Punta Gorda

This weekend was a weekend where the first group of people I have been living with left and the new group came in. It also happened to be a weekend called Chocolate Fest in Punta Gorda. This worked perfectly for me because I was planning on staying in PG to say goodbye to some friends and say hello to new ones. Friday night I went out to a local restaurant in PG and had some drinks and food with two of the girls that left the next day. When we got back the girls wanted to go to sleep early for their busy day of traveling the next day. I on the other hand wanted to stay up and be social so I walked down to one of the hillside worker, Jamie’s house. He was hanging out with a few of his friends in his front yard drinking in a boat. Literally just a boat on land in his front yard. So I jumped on in and hung out for a few hours before I walked back up to the clinic for sleep. The next morning I woke up early and went into town to experience the chocolate festival. I started with a breakfast at my favorite place called the snack shack. I have chocolate banana pancakes. Amazing. Then I wandered around town. This was interesting because besides for my breakfast there really wasn’t all that much chocolate at this festival. It was more just people selling things at different booths. So I hung out there for a few hours then headed back to the clinic for lunch. At around 3 some of the new people arrived and we all hung out until dinner. I took them into town to a little restaurant where you can get fried chicken, beans, and fry jacks for 6 BZE (3 US). Then we walked over and ate it on a local dock overlooking the water. Since this group traveled a lot that day we went back to the clinic after that so they could get some rest. When we got back there were even more new students here. The next morning we woke up and biked into town again so I could give them a little tour. We ended up getting two flat tires out of the 11 people we had biking. One of those was my bike. So as you normally would do in Belize, I dropped the two bikes off at a local restaurant that knows us so they wouldn’t get stolen. Then I directed everyone who had a bike to go to a nearby dock to go swimming. Me and the other person who also got a flat hitch hiked over to the docks and swam until someone could come pick us up. Worked in our favor because we ended up stopping for food on the way back while everyone else had to bike back the 6 miles. In the afternoon we took a bus over to the closing ceremonies of the chocolate festival. This was basically just a bunch of soccer games followed by fireworks. Still very fun and entertaining. It was an awesome weekend to spend in PG because it gave me a chance to meet all my new roommates and really explore the town more.


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