Out Patient Clinic Treatment

Today I worked in the OPC in the morning again. The first patient I had was a little boy who fractured his tibia. He started off the session very shy as most kids do but gradually he became more comfortable with me as his therapist. We started off the session with him showing me all the exercises he is supposed to be doing at home. These included: side planks, side lying hip abduction, calf raises, and supine bridges. We then moved on to incorporate new activities in the session. Working with kids can be either really difficult to keep them engaged or really easy. This boy in particular was very easy. Since his ankle and lower extremity in general was unstable, I decided to work on some activities that would work on balance and stability. The first activity we did was passing a soccer ball (football as they call it here in Belize) back and forth. I made sure that he was stopping the ball with one foot and passing it back with the other. This required him to perform single leg stance dynamically with both legs which worked on stability. Once he became tired of this we switched over and decided to play catch. To incorporate balance I had the patient stand on a dynadisc and balance while throwing the ball to him. This task appeared to be difficult for him as he kept falling off the disc. It is very exciting to see a patient happy to be involved in therapy, especially in Belize. This boy was excited to play with these activities and his father was watching the entire time and could see his progress. After the session I was talking to the father and he appeared very happy with the progress his son was showing and he made it clear that he makes sure his son does his exercises at home. No matter what country you are in it is often hard to get people to do their exercises at home on their own. This is a very important aspect of therapy here in Belize since we only see these patients every 2 weeks. If they don’t perform their exercises daily there can be limited progress overall.


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