Weekend # 6: Belcampo Restaurant, Belize Zoo, and Blue Hole National Park

This weekend was another weekend where I ventured off on my own because the other students went on a trip that I had already gone on. I decided to stay in PG again on Friday night and I went out to a fancy restaurant at a resort called Belcampo. On the first Friday of every month they have half priced drinks and free appetizers. So naturally I took them up on this option. After the happy hour was over we decided to go over to another local bar and sing karaoke. This was a blast. I think karaoke is more fun in Belize than anywhere else but I could honestly not explain to you why this is.


The view from the bottom of the stairs at Belcampo Lounge

The next morning I woke up early and took a bus to Belmopan where I met up with another student and we went to the Belize zoo. This was a smaller zoo but VERY cool. There is something about walking around and seeing animals that actually are on the jungles around you compared to the states where you see elephants and giraffes. Obviously I would never run into a giraffe on the streets of Pennsylvania. I got to see Tapirs, toucans, jaguars, spider monkeys, and so much more. Once we were done at the zoo we both got back on the bus and went our separate ways. She went back to the group of students to go on the same trip that they were going on for Sunday.

I decided to go stay at a place called the Yaxche Jungle Camp. This was quite the adventure. I ended up hiking three miles from my bus stop to this place. Once there I realized that I was going to be staying in a campsite with the Mayan family that lived there and no other guests since it is the low season. The owner of the camp was Marcos and he was awesome. He got me all set up and I just hung out in the jungle until it got dark. Then I went and laid in my bunk. A huge storm came in which was awesome to watch because my bunk was covered and protected but I was able to look out and watch the storm around me. In the morning I woke up and ate breakfast with the family. I ended up talking with Marcos for about 2 ½ hours about all these different things. He taught me so much about Belize. I have been in this country for 6 weeks and I don’t think I learned as much about the different culture and events as much as I did from Marcos. It gave me so much of a better understanding of the way things worked. I loved learning so much.



The bathrooms at Yaxche Jungle Camp


The path back to my cabin

After we finished talking I packed up my bag and headed out. I decided to walk back 2 miles to a local national park. The park was the Blue Hole National Park. This park included a cave that you were allowed to hike to and go 200 yards into it by yourself without a guide. I decided to start out with this since I have a new found love for caves. It was awesome to be in the cave by myself. After this I decided to go for another hike. The sign said it would take 3 hours but clearly that was wrong since I finished in 50 minutes. I then hiked back over to the actual blue hole which is a large pool of natural blue water. This water was FREEZING and very crowded with tourists. I hung out there for a bit then hiked back up to the entrance, changed my clothes and ate some lunch. In total I hiked about 8 miles that day which was really fun and great exercise. The group of students that went on the other trip picked me up on the way back to PG which made the trip back very nice! All in all it was a great, cheap weekend and very relaxing.




My view from inside the cave



The very crowded blue hole


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