Follow up with my kidney referral patient

Today I treated a woman I have talked about before. The woman who I have to refer back for kidney issues came back to the clinic. It was amazing to see how much her spirit had changed. She ended up having kidney stones and an enlarged kidney. Once the medics gave her some medicine to help with her pain and improve her kidney function, her pain FINALLY decreased. She has come into our clinic two times and both times her pain was way too high to actual identify where it was stemming from other than the potential problem with her kidney. I was aware that it was either low back or SI joint but that is not very helpful when treating. This time she came back in and I was actually able to identify the specific lumbar vertebrae that the pain was occurring at. I was also able to find exercises that made her pain decrease even more. I ended up sending her home with prone press ups and bird dogs to work on core stabilization. This patient was awesome to experience because you could really see how pain can change the way a person presents. The first time she came in I was very frustrated because every motion I did she was in pain and she was very apathetic during the entire session. This time she was smiling and laughing and very excited to be treated. She was eager to get better and was asking questions about her body. This was great to see because often the patients here don’t ask questions about their pain or diagnosis. She wanted me to explain to her why the pain was happening and what she could do to make it stop. I am excited to see her again to see how much more she has progressed and what else I can do for her.


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