Potential Need for Standing Frame

Today I went to visit a home health patient. She was a 26 year old female with cerebral palsy. This patient had a lot of spasticity on her right side, especially with elbow extension, knee flexion, ankle plantarflexion, and toe flexion. I started the treatment working on coordination of movements which were very similar to the other patients who have had cerebral palsy that I have previously mentioned. This involved functional tasks such as putting her hair up, bringing her hands to her mouth, and putting the cap back on a pen. Once we were done working on coordination of movements I wanted to work on the spasticity. I decided to start with passive range of motion but then quickly changed my mind and decided to work with pressure support. I started my pressing through her leg onto the ground. Since I had another therapist nearby I decided to try to stand with her. We ended up standing her for 3 minutes with max assist times 2. She was mainly putting her weight on her left foot but this was still a lot more progress than before and it was really helping break up some of the spasticity. We sat her down and stood her again for another 3 minutes. She appeared to love in. As my plan of care I suggested we look into getting her a standing frame. As I have mentioned before these are not easy devices to come by but I feel it will be very beneficial for her to have. I think she would make great progress with this. Hopefully someone crafty enough will be able to make her something suitable for standing!


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