Weekend #7: Placencia Round 2

For my final weekend in Belize I wanted to do something fun, beachy, and with the group of students who have been here for the past month. This was the first weekend I was able to travel with them. We decided to go to Placencia (again for me). Going back there the second time was even better than the first. The first night was relatively similar to when I first went. We took the water taxi over to the land and then bought some alcohol at the store and had some drinks before going to dinner. We then continued to drink for the rest of the night at various bars that I went to last time I was here. The next morning we woke up and the one student here from London had heard about a place that had a pool overlooking the beach that anyone was allowed to hang out at. At first I thought this was too good to be true. We decided to try it out and see what it exactly was. Let me tell you, I was AMAZED. Basically it was a restaurant with a pool that overlooked the ocean and anyone was allowed to be there. We ended up hanging out there for hours! It was so relaxing and beautiful. At around 5 we decided to head back and get ready for dinner. We went to a different restaurant called the pickled parrot. The atmosphere was really fun. There was live music and a lot of people there. To be honest the food was average but it was still fun. After that we went to another bar and played some games. We ended up staying out late dancing and having a blast. The next morning we woke up and went back to the amazing pool. Turns out on Sundays they have “pool parties”. When we got there the DJ was setting up on the pool deck. The bartender explained that everyone had to spend $10 BZE on Sundays. We all laughed because anywhere else that would be the cover charge to get into the pool let alone if we wanted food or anything. All I had to do was order a sandwich and a drink to hang out at this pool. AND it was hand delivered to be at the pool side. I was not complaining. The music made it way more fun than Saturday and drew in more of a crowd. Sadly we had to leave and go back to hillside that afternoon. Honestly I wish I knew about this place the last time I came! Either way it was an amazing last weekend in Belize. I had so much fun and it is going to make it that much harder to leave this place in a week!



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