Weekend #2: Placencia

This weekend we went to a little beach town called Placencia. To get there we took a bus for about 1 ½ hours and then got a water taxi over to the coast. The water taxi was a small little boat that took us directly to Placencia to avoid taking the bus all the way up and around the country to get there.

Photo May 06, 4 33 59 PM

Here we are about to take off in the water taxi called the Hokey Pokey Water Taxi

We stayed in a hostel called Andi Da House. It was SO cute. This is the second hostel I have stayed in and I was much more impressed. It was more relaxed in general. This time we had one HUGE room with 10 beds and plenty of lockers. We had the whole place to ourselves since there were so many of us. The hostel was even right on the beach. There were hammocks all over for us to lie in and look out over the ocean. MUCH better than the one I stayed in at San Ignacio.

Photo May 06, 5 33 29 PM

Here is the view from our Hostel

Friday night we went to a bar called the Tipsy Tuna. It was right on the beach front and was all outdoors. We loved this place. They had live music, plenty of food (at a cheap price), and lots of alcohol. After dinner and a few drinks we went back to the hostel with a bottle of rum and played some drinking games as a group. This was the first time we have really all hung out in a casual setting outside of Hillside so it was very entertaining. As the night went on we decided to go to a local “club” called Street Feet. This was VERY interesting. It was all local people just dancing to Caribbean music. It was kind of like a high school dance where all the boys hang around the perimeter and awkwardly dance back and forth while the girls all dance together in the middle. The difference being that the “high school boys” were all the local men and the “high school girls” were all of us travelers dancing to music that we didn’t know how to dance to. Obviously we had a blast dancing together but I probably would not return to that club if I went back. It was more like a cement building with a DJ and a small bar.

Photo May 06, 5 49 25 PM

A street in Placencia

Photo May 06, 7 05 58 PM

My new favorite restaurant the Tipsy Tuna

Saturday we woke up and went straight to the beach. We decided to walk down away from our hostel to a nice little hotel that had chairs outside of the building for people to lie out on. I was SO surprised by how little people there were in Placencia since it was such a beautiful town on a beautiful day. I asked a local man what the reason behind this was and he explained that it is technically the “Slow Season” here right now and that during the High Season (August to November) it is almost unbearable because there are so many people that you can’t even walk around. I was shocked by this because it was honestly us students from Hillside and maybe 30 other people on the entire beach. The weather was beautiful and the water was AMAZING. As the day went on we slowly moved down to the chairs that were outside of our new favorite restaurant the Tipsy Tuna. No joke I ate there 4 times this past weekend and 3 of the 4 times I ordered the exact same meal. As we lie on the beach, another student and I decided to order a few drinks. I was in absolute peace all day long.

Photo May 07, 1 37 21 PM

The view I had while having lunch with a Miami Vice (because why not)

Photo May 07, 3 29 50 PM

Me and Annie relaxing in the sun enjoying a beer bucket

Photo May 07, 11 14 40 AM (1)

Loving life in the Caribbean

Towards the end of the day when it started to cool off we decided to play a game of volleyball at a net nearby. Little did I know that British people have NO IDEA how to play volleyball. We had two local men join us to play and we played for a good hour or so. This was so much fun. We all got really into it and once the Brits figured out how to play they weren’t that bad.

Sunday morning we woke up and pretty much did the exact same thing all day long. We had to leave to come back to Hillside around 4. This weekend was so relaxing and actually very cheap. I might end up returning in the next few weeks to be totally honest. I mean who doesn’t love a cute beach town where you basically have the whole beach to yourself and a waiter comes out to the beach to bring you drinks?


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